Thursday, May 1, 2014

The past few months

It is May!! IT IS MAY!!!! We are going to have a baby this month! I thought before all of the craziness that come with having a new baby I would update the blog with what has happened over the last four months!

Oh I forgot to mention that back in December we started wondering if there was something wrong with Sloan. I got him in to see his doctor to see if there was something up his nose. Sure enough there was and our family practice doctor referred us to an ENT to remove whatever was up there. We got into the ENT the next day and Sloan did great with the removal process. We were all shocked to find out that he had an inch long screw, yes a SCREW!!, stuck up there!! For how long we don't really know but my best guess is that it happened during our move.


We spent News Years in as a family. Sloan passed out early and Scott and I were in bed by 10 pm. We are old people now!! Scott had a few extra before school started again and we really enjoyed the extra family time without having any plans. :) Sloan moved up to Primary and is a Sunbeam! He has struggled with sitting still and listening during Sharing Time. I have been staying with him and he has been slowly getting better. We started night potty training and it was a breeze! Of course we have an accident every now and then but not nearly as bad I thought it was going to be! I had a date with Sloan where we just went exploring the mall and got smoothies. Our Joy School ended in December which we were very sad about but I have continued to do school days with Sloan at home one on one. He has improved so much and LOVES to learn! It amazes me what he can pick up from a simple game or activity!

20 weeks

23 weeks

21 weeks and my toes started disappearing


Scott and I got to go to the temple the day after Valentine's day! It was our first date alone since we moved here! It was a blast and Sloan loved staying with Ashley Reno and her girls. The next morning I was getting ready for church when I discovered that I had shingles again. Thank goodness for a great doctor who was able to call me in a prescription on a Sunday within a few hours! We were even surprised with dinner that night by one of our friends! I started quilting again and haven't stopped!! I just love being able to create beautiful things! Sloan felt Avery kick for the first time!! We also had a huge break through with Sloan eating meat! Something just clicked and he has tried everything I have made since then!


I made my friend Rosalie a baby quilt for her little baby girl!!! It was super fun to make and a complete experiment! I had never made the hourglass quilt block before but it turned out easier then I was expecting. My parents made a spur of the moment trip up to see us over Spring Break! We had a blast!! Mom took me for a pedicure and we celebrated my birthday early. Sloan loved the grandparent time and of course the fact that he got to go swimming!! I made and finished Kyle and Christina's wedding quilt and I LOVE the way it turned out!! I started a quilt for Avery too!! It was a pattern grandma sent me as a challenge and man was it!!
Kyle and Christina's Quilt

30 weeks

Sloan packed his bag to stay with my parents :)

My birthday dinner! My dad got the biggest burger! 

Rosalie's quilt!


I turned 24! I was not expecting very much for my birthday this year because it was a test week. I was SPOILED!!! Scott got free time and surprised me with a lunch date and sent me flowers!! They were beautiful!! My mom and dad also surprised me with 3, yes 3, boxes of dessert pizza sticks from pizza hut!! Scott took me out for a date on Saturday after test block!! It was great even though none of our plans really went the way we wanted them too! Dad had knee surgery and it was worse than even the surgeon expected! I am glad he finally went in to get it looked at and fixed!! We had general conference and it was amazing! Sloan did great watching and learning. He even built mega block temples! :) I was apart of a Stake Easter program where I sang a duet with Mckenna Wadsworth. It was a super hard piece but we pulled it off. It was so great to be apart of such a program. We celebrated Easter with an egg hunt the school put on and then we had a picnic potluck with a bunch of our friends. It was great! Charise and Ashlee hosted my baby shower and it was PERFECT!! My mom, queen of surprises, sent a present, cookies and cake pops for my shower! My shower made me feel so loved and it was super fun just to celebrate bringing this little girl into the world!! 

Sloan's temple

teaching Sloan how to slackline

Sonic ice.... my biggest craving

Bunting flag for Avery'a room

37 weeks

Avery's quilt!

I think that is everything!!! We have 3 weeks until little miss should be here!! I can't wait! Only 16 days until my family comes up!!! 

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