Thursday, May 1, 2014

The past few months

It is May!! IT IS MAY!!!! We are going to have a baby this month! I thought before all of the craziness that come with having a new baby I would update the blog with what has happened over the last four months!

Oh I forgot to mention that back in December we started wondering if there was something wrong with Sloan. I got him in to see his doctor to see if there was something up his nose. Sure enough there was and our family practice doctor referred us to an ENT to remove whatever was up there. We got into the ENT the next day and Sloan did great with the removal process. We were all shocked to find out that he had an inch long screw, yes a SCREW!!, stuck up there!! For how long we don't really know but my best guess is that it happened during our move.


We spent News Years in as a family. Sloan passed out early and Scott and I were in bed by 10 pm. We are old people now!! Scott had a few extra before school started again and we really enjoyed the extra family time without having any plans. :) Sloan moved up to Primary and is a Sunbeam! He has struggled with sitting still and listening during Sharing Time. I have been staying with him and he has been slowly getting better. We started night potty training and it was a breeze! Of course we have an accident every now and then but not nearly as bad I thought it was going to be! I had a date with Sloan where we just went exploring the mall and got smoothies. Our Joy School ended in December which we were very sad about but I have continued to do school days with Sloan at home one on one. He has improved so much and LOVES to learn! It amazes me what he can pick up from a simple game or activity!

20 weeks

23 weeks

21 weeks and my toes started disappearing


Scott and I got to go to the temple the day after Valentine's day! It was our first date alone since we moved here! It was a blast and Sloan loved staying with Ashley Reno and her girls. The next morning I was getting ready for church when I discovered that I had shingles again. Thank goodness for a great doctor who was able to call me in a prescription on a Sunday within a few hours! We were even surprised with dinner that night by one of our friends! I started quilting again and haven't stopped!! I just love being able to create beautiful things! Sloan felt Avery kick for the first time!! We also had a huge break through with Sloan eating meat! Something just clicked and he has tried everything I have made since then!


I made my friend Rosalie a baby quilt for her little baby girl!!! It was super fun to make and a complete experiment! I had never made the hourglass quilt block before but it turned out easier then I was expecting. My parents made a spur of the moment trip up to see us over Spring Break! We had a blast!! Mom took me for a pedicure and we celebrated my birthday early. Sloan loved the grandparent time and of course the fact that he got to go swimming!! I made and finished Kyle and Christina's wedding quilt and I LOVE the way it turned out!! I started a quilt for Avery too!! It was a pattern grandma sent me as a challenge and man was it!!
Kyle and Christina's Quilt

30 weeks

Sloan packed his bag to stay with my parents :)

My birthday dinner! My dad got the biggest burger! 

Rosalie's quilt!


I turned 24! I was not expecting very much for my birthday this year because it was a test week. I was SPOILED!!! Scott got free time and surprised me with a lunch date and sent me flowers!! They were beautiful!! My mom and dad also surprised me with 3, yes 3, boxes of dessert pizza sticks from pizza hut!! Scott took me out for a date on Saturday after test block!! It was great even though none of our plans really went the way we wanted them too! Dad had knee surgery and it was worse than even the surgeon expected! I am glad he finally went in to get it looked at and fixed!! We had general conference and it was amazing! Sloan did great watching and learning. He even built mega block temples! :) I was apart of a Stake Easter program where I sang a duet with Mckenna Wadsworth. It was a super hard piece but we pulled it off. It was so great to be apart of such a program. We celebrated Easter with an egg hunt the school put on and then we had a picnic potluck with a bunch of our friends. It was great! Charise and Ashlee hosted my baby shower and it was PERFECT!! My mom, queen of surprises, sent a present, cookies and cake pops for my shower! My shower made me feel so loved and it was super fun just to celebrate bringing this little girl into the world!! 

Sloan's temple

teaching Sloan how to slackline

Sonic ice.... my biggest craving

Bunting flag for Avery'a room

37 weeks

Avery's quilt!

I think that is everything!!! We have 3 weeks until little miss should be here!! I can't wait! Only 16 days until my family comes up!!! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Getting caught up...

Yikes! I am really bad at blogging. I have decided that with moving I really want somewhere to document all of our pictures and adventures! So I will try to so a quick 2013 in review since it has been a year since I last wrote here.

January was a calm month after the craziness of the holidays. We enjoyed family time together with a day trip to Idaho Falls and Sloan loved chasing the ducks through the snow :) Scott and I got invited to Portneuf's employee party my mom planned. He had to work so I went with my family and cousins and had a blast. It was a star wars theme and as you can see my parents got really into it ;)

February- Scott started receiving interviews for D.O. programs and we started planning all 4 trips! I also made a ton of baby gifts for a bunch of friends who were all pregnant. I love to make baby things so I had a blast! There are pictures of those projects in the last post so I won't repost them. I recovered my rocking chair! It was a fun project I would never want to do again! Tom gave me this when I was pregnant with Sloan. It belonged to his mom and I am so honored to be able to rock my babies in it now too. It needed a little face lift though so I finally did it and love the way it turned out! We celebrated Valentine's Day as a family at home with a nice dinner and movies. It was perfect! Sloan also got really sick for the first time and it was probably one of the saddest things I have had to watch. Thank goodness it was just the flu and it passed in a couple of days!

March was absolutely craziness!! Scott had 4 interviews, one every other weekend, and I traveled with him to all except one! It was a blast. I had went to the doctor for my yearly physical, which I hadn't done since having Sloan, and we found out I had abnormal results so we started on the long process of figuring out what was wrong and how bad it was. Every week we weren't traveling I had a visit to the doctor. I was crazy, scary and overall life changing thing. Thank goodness I went to the doctor when I did and that is was easy to take care of! Scott's first interview was in Denver and we were able to go and visit my Uncle Ryan and his family! It was such a blast!! We took Sloan to the aquarium with my cousins and my aunt! 2 weeks later Scott and I went to Arizona and stayed with my grandparents. We had such a fun time just the two of us in the warm weather. It was 80+ degrees for our whole trip in mid March! We played shuffle board walked around my grandparents neighborhood and swim in the pool :) We were able to take their car and drive around to see the areas of his interviews ( his last interview was also in the Phoenix area but I wasn't coming and wanted to see that area too!) and stumbled upon the Mesa temple while it was being built. While Scott was in his interview my grandma and I went to a flea market and someone was actually selling these silly dog sunglasses! Naturally I took a picture and sent it to my mom asking if she wanted some for Jasper but sadly she said no :) We came home and had Easter with my family while Taysen was home and the boys got to pay have an egg hunt together. My grandpa Roger put his truck in The Chrome in the Dome car show again and Sloan did not want to leave! Poor boy loved the cars! We finished March with a trip to Yakima, WA for Scott's interview here. We had a fun exploring and found a fun little mall that was all in train cars. It is now a parking lot not even a year later which is kinda sad. Like I said March was CRAZY!

April- I turned 23 this year. I went and saw my friend Jessica and cut all of my hair off! I loved it so much! We had a family dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant and just had a good time! We planted strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Scott and Sloan made my some planters for the strawberries and they were amazing! I had such a blast taking care of them and being able to have fresh ones every few days! We ended April with a trip to Mackay! We played at the park, went for a hike, Sloan decided to skinny dip in the FREEZING cold water during the hike, and we started Insanity.

May- One of my best friends got home from her mission and we got to see each other. Sloan was having a bad day so most of the short time we were able to actually talk we were just sitting on the front porch while Sloan screamed in the car. Scott's brother Ryan got married and we were able to go to the ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple! It was a beautiful day. I helped my mother in law with the quilt for their wedding and she did such a great job! We celebrated Mothers's Day which was a great day! We gave cute cards with magic hand prints and Sloan picked me a beautiful flower after church. :) Scott's youngest brother Brett graduated High School and we were able to celebrate with the family. Plus give a sweet gift ;) My dear friend Hailey found out she was having a little girl and I just couldn't wait to make her a quilt! I made her this monkey quilt and it is still one of my most favorite projects! Sloan and I went to Mackay with my family while Scott was able to go kayaking with the guys. All of us had a blast! The Pocatello zoo opened a new bear exhibit and Ericka and I took the boys to see it! We find Sloan sleeping in the weirdest ways so I have to add a few of those pictures too!

June- Scott turned 26 this year! We celebrated with homemade Cafe Rio and a Watermelon "cake". We were being really good about our diet since we were doing Insanity, and LOVING it, so we went for a more healthy dessert! I cleaned my grandparents house once a week and Sloan LOVED playing in their backyard in the warmth. I really miss all of our weekly visits and family time. We celebrated Father's Day and had a great time showing them how much we love them all! We are super lucky to have so many great guys in our lives! I took Sloan swimming a few times too and he was always SO tired after! We celebrated our 4th Anniversary! It has flown by and I have loved every minute of it! I also had to go for a recheck at my doctor to make sure that everything was growing back normal! Thank goodness we got the good news that everything was normal!

July- We finished Insanity! I am so proud of us that we stuck with it and had AMAZING results! We are looking forward to restarting it after Avery gets here. We went to Mackay with my family and had lots of crazy fun. I made a fun sugar cookie cake which was a huge hit with everyone. Tom bought a scratch ticket with Sloan during dinner one night and he actually won $6! He was so excited when we went to cash it! We were able to make a day trip to Bear Lake and my mother in law Cindy was able to come with us! It was so much fun! Sloan loved the sand and being able to walk out into the water by himself :) He did really good and would ask for food and water when he needed it! Both Scott and I have brother's named Kyle. Their birthdays are literally 1 day apart! It is super fun! So I decided to send both of them a birthday package. Kyle S. was almost done with his mission in West Virginia and Kyle W. was in L.A. going to school! Sloan and I went shopping and he got to pick out most of their presents! We wrapped the inside with birthday wrapping paper, filled water balloons with birthday confetti, made brownies and included frosting and 21 candles! They also got a pirate card and a Happy Birthday banner that popped up when they opened them! Sloan helped decorate the outside of the box with Mickey Mouse stickers that he picked out for them too!

August- Ericka and I did a garage sale. It was a ton of work and I literally went through my parents ENTIRE garage sorting things to sell. It was definitely worth it though! Sloan got a Twin sized bed and has loved it since the very first night! Scott got accepted into PNWU on the FIRST DAY OF CLASS! It was a crazy and unexpected phone call but we are so extremely grateful for the opportunity! He packed up and left two days later and Sloan and I started packing up the house and trying to find a new place to call home. All of our family were SO much help and a great support during a crazy time! We found a place and moved to Yakima after two long weeks apart from Scott. Scott actually knew some people in his class and so their wives reached out to Sloan and I as soon as we got here! We went to a local u-pick farm and picked blueberries with a group of moms! It was hot but super fun! We met up with our new friends at the cemetery down the street and fed the ducks. We also got to help a family clean off their raspberry bushes and got an amazing amount for free! I took a picture of my two doctors!

September- Sloan started Joy School! He really liked it! Sloan and I went to Disney Junior Live to see Jake and Sophie! It was a BLAST!! We found out we are expecting our second baby! It was a great surprise and we couldn't be happier! We spent one of our family Saturdays at the u-pick farm and picked 94 lbs of apples! We made apple pie filling and apple sauce! Yes we went a little crazy but we used it as Christmas presents and have really enjoyed being able to have local apple desserts.Sloan and I traveled back home to Idaho and we did great on the drive just the two of us.

October- While we were home I flew to L.A. with my parents and grandparents while Sloan stayed with Scott's family. We watched my brother be the lead in his musical and I am SO proud of him! We celebrated Sloan's 3rd birthday! Just a small party at my parent's house with family but it was super fun! All of us, including Sloan this time, went back to L.A. for Kyle's graduation. We went to the beach, boardwalk and the L.A. zoo! We had a blast. It was hard since I was struggling with morning sickness and we were't telling anyone yet. I am proud to say that I was able to keep our secret the whole trip and completely surprise everyone once we hit 12 weeks! Sloan and I spent Conference weekend with the Syndergaards and got to see Kyle S. for the first time since he came home from his mission! Sloan LOVED him! We celebrated Halloween with our ward trunk or treat and since it was test block it was a short event for us but it was fun none the less! Sloan was Jake the pirate!

November-  I found an OB here and were able to have an ultrasound to see our new baby! Sloan came with me and it was so fun to have him see the baby! Sloan started gymnastics class and loved it for a few weeks. We told everyone about the baby! It was SO much fun! My mom and Tom came up for Thanksgiving and I made almost the whole meal! I am still pretty proud of that meal! Even though it was cold and there wasn't much to do we had a blast!

December- We went to Leavenworth, WA to see all the lights! It was SO much fun! I am glad we decided to drive up! I was busy getting us all ready to go home for Christmas. I did a cookie exchange party right before we left too! It was a blast and a fun way to get a bunch of different cookies! We drove home through the worst conditions I have ever been in. Finally made it after almost 12 hours. We had such a blast playing with family and cousins! We got spoiled rotten!! We drove back and found out we are having a little girl!! What a great way to end the year!!

Holy cow that was a crazy long post!!! I'm going to try and keep it up to date now... We will see how long that lasts :)